How useful are surgical masks?

Apr 10 , 2020

Dax C

How useful are surgical masks?

There have been numerous studies on the efficacy of masks, or lack of them. However, no study has come to any overwhelming consensus. In the meantime, we do know they are used in hospitals, for food preparation hygiene, in dust and pollen situations and all over Asia to reduce the viral load.

If you are around infected or sick people we would advise their use, since they are fast becoming the sensible norm. If you want to protect vulnerable people from catching whatever you have - then we can only recommend continual mask use. 

While fabric masks have been recommended by a number of countries - we feel that this is because professional PPE like ours are only rarely available. It's all about how effective one choice is over another. 

The hydrophobic nature of the outer layer is extremely important - especially if your concern is protecting against people coughing or sneezing directly at you. 


You can see how, in our video - water is repelled by the non-woven fabric we use in our surgical-type masks. Now imagine how effective this is against virus laden droplets. Extremely effective! 

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